What is Job Enrichment? Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Job Enrichment? Advantages and Disadvantages


Job enrichment is a theory that includes redesigning a job or task so that they are more challenging to the employee and have less repetitive or constant work. Job enrichment is a common motivational technique used by organizations to give an employee greater satisfaction in the work. By giving them higher authorities to the employee it gives them self worth and it will put responsibilities on them which leads them to become more self-efficient and manage their duties.

Advantages of Job Enrichment: 

Advancement: Job enrichment allows an employee to vigor in their role to put their best. It is logical that if the employee gets motivation i.e positive feedback for their role. This will anyhow be going to advance their skills. So considering this they will put forward their stiff foot with confidence and also will advance their skills which are needed for the organization.


Meaningful work: In an organization, the most pivotal factor is that work must be done with a proper purpose on time that is going to be appreciated. The things without any agenda don’t make any sense and this is only possible when the organization has a good combination of skills and talents in the individual. This would probably help the organization to prevail in every difficulty. By this, the organization would be able to conquer everything.


Responsibility: Always give employee too much freedom to do the job role according to their thought process this will increase the ability to think to do things differently so In your absence they are completely groomed how to deal the situation. So always give the chance to the employee so that they could be independent to take decisions. It helps them to learn complementary skills and make them feel more competent, more experts in their field. When a person is made responsible, a completed task will improve their chances of recognition, which, again, fulfills a higher-order need.


Knowledge of outcomes: An individual, who knows what his or her efforts turn into, or how his or her mistakes affect the overall performance, will more likely be motivated. Feedback which plays an important part in creating this knowledge: whether it comes from a co-worker or a manager, it helps the employees decided if they got closer to the desired outcome or not.


Disadvantages of Job Enrichment: 

Lack of Training: Representatives are given extra activities and duties, they do not certainly have the right skills or experience for performing a task. The employee is not trained enough to do that activity, then they may not be as effective as someone who is already prepared or trained in that particular activity. As a result, due to lack of training, they may have a low productivity rate.


Heavier Workload: Job advancement intensifies the employee’s overall workload. And this needs skill in reprioritization for the employee. Sometimes employees may not be able to adjust to their new duties. They may feel overloaded and exhausted, which again leads to having a lower productivity rate.


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