What is Ergonomics? It’s Importance in Organization

What is Ergonomics? It’s Importance in Organization


Ergonomics is the method of creating or arranging workplaces, outputs, and systems so that suit the people who use them. Most people think that ergonomics is something to do with seating or with the design of wheels controls and devices but it is so much more. Ergonomics applies to the form of anything that includes workspaces, people, freedom, health, and safety.

It is a part of science that strives to learn about mortal skills and constraints, and then apply this lore to improve people’s communication with products, systems, and environments. Ergonomics strives to improve workspaces to reduce the risk of harm or injury. So as technologies change, so too does the need to ensure that the tools we access for work, relaxation, and enjoyment are designed for our body’s necessities.


ERGONOMICS helps to provide safety measures to the employee, promotes comfort and reduces injury. It can make your job easier and safer. Ergonomics also must be incorporated and seen as a value in the organization. It needs to be built into the corporate culture and be integrated into everything any company does on a daily basis.


Basically, Ergonomics is the study of efficiency in the workplace, it is the study of what you can do to help your employees stay fit and perform well. Besides, office ergonomics comes with a lot of other benefits –

 – Improvement in Employee Engagement

Ergonomics will lessen turnover, reduce failure, and boost employee involvement. Also, representatives will appreciate that the organization that they work for is working so hard to see to their well-being and safety.

 – Reduces Expenses

By investing in office ergonomic plans, you reduce ergonomic hazard factors like MSDs. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) that happen due to poor posture or a movement repetition. If you implement ergonomics in the office, these hazard factors drastically reduce. About one-third of employees compensation is paid to cases of MSD. Implementing ergonomics in offices reduces cost.

 – Improved morale

Attention to ergonomics in the office can make workers feel valued and appreciated because they know their organization is making their workplace safer.

 – Lessened absenteeism

 Ergonomics leads to healthful and pain-free employees who are more prone to be involved and productive.

 – Health and Safety

IT’s so important that we cannot manage to handle the loss. As HEALTH & SAFETY is a major one because if there would be any ergonomic-related injury to the employee then there will be loss of 6 day or more days loss at work. It might cost more money for the organization such as medical bills, insurance premium and lost productivity. So to reduce this loss try to undertake good ergonomics policy which will more beneficial to the employee and organization.

 – Productivity

The best ergonomics solution must be given priority in an organization as it will improve productivity. Ergonomics solution such as design a job which allows a good posture, less exertion, fewer motions, and better heights and reaches. By following this improves the productivity of the employee.

 – Efficiency

A company should put forth its efforts in the betterment of every individual as it is a deciding factor because if everything is being served to the employee then it will create more value and hence employee will realize the worth and always be more efficient, loyal and productive towards its job.

 – Quality

Invest in office ergonomics as it will make employee always energetic. Proper planning leads to a good workforce, there will be no chance of getting tired and irritated. This is the best way to keep the company at the top and never miss any details or important calls.

 – Job Satisfaction

The employee must be surrounded by the righteous equipment which should give comfort to every individual. The proper chair height, placement of computer all these tiny things given proper importance as it will create job satisfaction.

 -Personal Development

As everything goes in the flow then there will be growth in the individual level of the employee. Personal development is more often the prime one which builds within the organization and its good ergonomics policy environment.

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