Training and Development

Training and Development –

Training and Development have historically been a topic within applied psychology but within the last two decades becomes closely associated with HR Management, Talent management, HR development, knowledge management. We at People Venture provide you best Training & Development programs to improve the effectiveness of the organizations & teams within them. Training and Development is a subsystem of an organization which features on the improvement of the performance of individuals and groups. Our Training & Development sessions with employees will help them with their knowledge development & skills, which eventually contribute to organization development.

In our Training Programs, you will get know where is your organization & where will you reach with your abilities; you will learn the new methodology and refresh your existing knowledge and skills. Due to this, there will be improvement and add-ups to the effectiveness at work. These Programs are planned according to the necessity of the organization. There are various Training Programs designed for employees at different levels & following are the methods which are used for the Training of proficient workers and executives. Training provided to Managerial or Supervisory people – Group Discussions, Conferences, Lectures, Case studies, etc.

In this session, we provide you –

>  Management for decision making,

>  Human Relations & Managerial Skills,

>  Programs for improving communication,

>  Programs to identify potential executives,

>  Simulation & Role-playing,

>  Sensitivity training to understand & influence employee behavior,

Other Training Programs –

>  Skills Training

>  Soft Skills

>  Professional Training

>  Team Training

Importance of Training & Development –

For organizations to keep improving, it is essential to have continuous training & development programs. The business setting keeps changing; hence, it is necessary to keep learning and pick-up new skills.

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