“Time Management without establishing priorities is like firing randomly and calling whatever you hit is a target ”. People need efficient time-management skills to succeed today. Time management skills are also essential for professional success in any workplace. Despite the position in a business, victory adds on the productive use of time. If you often feel confused by the various time requirements work demands, this workshop will provide the structure to improve your ability to manage time.

This workshop is important for those who are not working effectively due to gaps, excessive meetings, interruptions, changing priorities, appointments, delays, schedules, and deadlines. Individual who wants to focus on significant things in their personal and professional beings will find this seminar beneficial. This time management workshop provides opportunities for y’all to build the necessary frame for addressing those components that work against you.


Workshop Aims:

This workshop introduces time management tools and techniques that allow the participant to manage their time effectively. This seminar enables participants to identify and understand areas of their work where time could be better utilized and the steps essential to mitigate identified problems.

By the end of this training, the participants will learn:


.   Recognized their biggest “time-wasters” which lessen their productivity and set solutions to eliminate their negative impact.

.   Outline and prioritize every day’s activities more effectively and productively.

.   Organizing your  workflow to make effective  use of time.

.   Practical time management skills for scheduling, organizing and prioritizing work.

  • Discussed and practiced a series of known time management methods such as effective delegation, assertively saying ‘no’ and negotiating alternative solutions.

.     Learn to balance priorities to meet changing demands.

  • Setting reasonable and realistic boundaries on the use of time.
  • Stop delaying and working on critical tasks.


Who Should Attend –

.    Managers, Executives across different roles.

.    Entrepreneurs or Self-Employed Professionals.

.    Decision Makers in an organization.

.    Individuals who want control of their time, management, method and life.

.     People Venture also provides workshops for company employees wishing to learn how to take control of the way they spend and manage time. We also tailor the program to fit the specific needs of administrators.