Stress is unavoidable – sometimes important. Stress or Pressure is an impact of life transformation; it does not change itself, yet how you respond to a change. We think of burden, dilemmas, adverse thoughts and emotions, but even sometimes positive encounters can be stressful. Stress, pressure or excessive demands from the outside makes people feel anxious on the inside.

Many individuals feel stress in their life, whether it might be related to work, relationship or wellness. We do know this can be extremely unpleasant, and it can have a severe effect on your health and your profession.

Do you feel the pressure of balancing your work and personal duties causing stress?  Well, you are not alone. Maintaining priorities and reducing stress in your life are the two most notable problems working people facing today. Having so many tasks to do in a little time is a fact for all of us. Though, stress induced by any situation can affect your health and workplace performance.

People Venture is always happy to help people. We have tailor courses and combine modules from different programs. This stress management course is designed for students, and for an organization who care for their employees. You can take a stress management course individually.

For Organization –

Administrators should understand welfare resources and how to provide support to their employees. They need to be sure of how to promote well-being at work and recognize stress which could have a negative effect which probably affects employee productivity. Be the line of support to the employees, as they play an important role in assuring that organizational goals are met. Without sufficient training, your employees will be ill-equipped to manage the difficulties that stress. Yet, it is possible to manage stress, if you use the right techniques.

This Stress Management workshop will equip the participants with the important skills of managing their stress and being motivated at work. They will learn a process for approaching any stressful situation, as well as personal skills, relaxation methods, and a journal system. They will also understand what factors they can use to reduce stress.

Duration – 1 or 2 days.

Objectives of this workshop –

.   Understand and recognize Stress Issues in Ourselves.

.   Maintain a Healthy Work Balance.

  • Managing Distractions and Disruptions.
  • Deliver efficient management.
  • Create a culture of well-being.
  • Emotional Mastery.
  • Finding and Eliminating stress cause.
  • Building Internal Strength.
  • Learning how to balance personal and professional life.

Our Stress Management workshop is intended to address both aspects – Personal and Professional Life. It benefits attendees on their personal, and also improves productivity on the job.

Why is stress management coaching is necessary? Well, maximum jobs will have some stress or pressure at their work, this is what pushes you and gives you the stimulation to perform good and achieve job satisfaction. This kind of pressure is normal and sometimes it helps you to do better work. If this tension is extreme and you feel ineffectual or incompetent to cope, then it is a stress. Pressure has a disturbing impact on our performance in work as well in personal lives also, it makes us act inappropriately. To perform great at work, we need the ability to learn – how to react well to these stressful situations.

We do assure you this stress management workshop will give you the knowledge to understand the signs and causes of stress and it will introduce you to various ways to manage stress which will help you, your associates and your organization.


We are always pleased to tailor programs and combine modules from different courses. We do whatever it needs to assure that your course does precisely what you need it to.