We at People Venture provides you with a wide range of services such as Executive Search, Resume building, Training and Development, Psychometric Assessment, Team Building and Talent Management.

We also conduct workshops on Interview Preparation, Recruitment Skills, Effective Communication Skills, Stress Management, and Time Management Workshops. 

This Workshops can be customized according to the need of the participant. Online sessions are also available.

Workshops -

Executive Search

When hiring for your organization, choosing the right people can help you in achieving your goals. Ultimately It is necessary to have a good recruitment process to attract the right candidates. A recruitment process will help you in minimizing the time involved in the searching, interviewing, hiring and training.

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Talent Management

Talent management plays an essential role in business strategy. It manages one of the significant assets of the company—its people. That is why companies should make an effort to efficiently manage the employees to help them develop their skills and capabilities, & this will help them in achieving company goals.

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Training and Development

Learning and development aim to develop group and individual performance by developing and sharpening skills and knowledge. This strategy outlines how an organization develops its workforce’s capabilities, skills and competencies to remain successful.

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Resume Building

“Get success in getting a new job with a resume that shows your strengths, highlight your career goals and achievement in an effective manner to make your resume standout“. Boost your Career with our resume writing service.

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Psychometric Assessment

L and D Professionals & HR like you – delivered not only Business Results but also create measurable Impact on KPIs catapulted in their Occupations by using Psychometric Assessment. In this, we work closely with your organisation and hand over the Knowledge, Templates, and Skill to You. After that, we run the Interventions and examine the results.

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Team Building

Team Building training aims to identify & review interpersonal problems within the organization. It will help you to improve performance, building effective working relationships & reducing team members’ role uncertainty.