Recruitment Skills Workshop –

This effective Recruitment skill workshop offers participants the best practices of recruitment. Hiring the wrong candidate can be costly for the company. Where to ascertain talents and how to evaluate them, which method to use and how to understand people well are all skills that should be learned to build a great team and reduce turnover.

We work hard with the organization we aim to ensure each workshop we deliver, or complete development program we create is aligned to their company goals and delivers outcomes.

Not sure what you need? –

As an Executive Search & HR Advisory and consultancy, it is our role to deliver the solutions to your recruitment business problems. Tell us the outcomes you would like to see and we’ll build for your training and development fit for your organization needs.

The benefits of our workshop –

– Acquiring the basics of recruitment, selection and learning the various stages of the process.

– Mastering about sourcing and screening appropriate candidates.

– Learning interviewing methods and mastering the different methods to use.

– Becoming a professional/trained interviewer using the best available techniques.

– Learning about human biases and mistakes to avoid.

– Learning useful tips and techniques to read people better assess them professionally and hire the best available candidates.

Designed for –

These Recruitment Skills workshop aimed at helping Recruiters, HR, hiring managers and non-hr having hiring responsibilities, middle managers. Learn the concepts behind presenting a thorough recruitment campaign.


Recruitment is a significant factor in the progress of any business. All business structure is defined by the employees within it, so assuring you hire the right team at the right time is crucial to your success. 

This workshop will provide you with everything you need to efficiently develop the skills of Recruiters within the organization. They will be taken through the process of recruitment; growing a wide perception of the requirements of an efficient recruitment campaign to help them provide a strong approach to recruitment that helps secure the right applicant for the job role.

Why is this Recruitment Skills Workshop is necessary?

Well, just imagine if members were better able to:

o Present the company as a professional organization that anyone would want to work with.

o Consider best practice to ensure the recruitment process is clear, robust and suitable for the purpose.

o Build a positive work environment through the introduction of representatives that have a variety of skills and expertise.

o Provide a fair estimation and selection process that recognizes the best candidate.

o Enhance their behavioral questioning skills to make interview discussions effective.

o Easily apply core recruitment skills, for overall organizational progress.


Why us?

Whether you’re an experienced or fresher or nervous first-timer, our training materials give you everything you need to deliver a confident and successful training session: detailed notes, session plans, and activities.

There is no need to wait. Our courses are also available online. This Recruitment Skills Workshop will help develop participant’s recruitment skills and assure they can effectively attract the best employees into the organization. They’ll learn how to handle the recruitment process, managing the connection with the candidate efficiently, and selecting the right candidate.

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