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Many job seekers do not know how to prepare themselves for an interview. Or they don’t understand how much preparation is needed for an interview. Below are the few Key Concepts that we will be covering in our “How to Face an Interview Workshop.”

This “How to Face an Interview Workshop” will help the students, freshers and job seekers to enhance their interview skills. This workshop includes:

  1. Interview Etiquette
  2. Mock Interview
  3. Understanding the trickiest and most unexpected questions.
  4. Practice Interview Sessions
  5. Get Insider tips from the Experts

About Workshop –

Do you know what is essential during your job interviews? How to prepare yourself as best as you can? This workshop will help you understand the Recruiter’s perspective and how to fit into their needs effectively. In this seminar, we will focus on the interview that you need to do to get a job. From this workshop, you will also have a clear idea of what kind of organizations you want to work.

 In this workshop, you will examine a job opening of your choice to estimate what an employer is looking for. You will also prepare your answers to some common job interview questions and will be guided on how to improve your presentation. This practical workshop will help you build confidence in your next application for a job.

This workshop fosters your ability to manage yourself strategically during the interview. Rapid changes in the business environment today are driving companies to look for candidates who can stay ahead of the speed of change. Every successful organization needs candidates with a clear sense of purpose, vision, and direction, to perform well in an ever-changing environment.

The Interview Skills Workshop is a unique learning experience, which focuses on you as a Student and develops your ability.  From this workshop, they will learn the steps necessary to have a successful interview. The workshop will focus on preparing for the interview, learning how to respond in different types of interview, they will learn how to respond to different types of questions and the appropriate interview follow-up process. Learners will also have the opportunity to role-play and have mock interviews which will help them to leverage their confidence.

Interview Preparation Workshop is available online now:

The sessions will consist of a month-long training and teaching in which the skills to crack interviews shall be explained, demonstrated. Thereafter all learners shall be put through a sequence of mock interview sessions in which their progress will be evaluated and they will be provided suggestions for improving themselves. With the demands of any job interview mental stability is important. So we shall cater to the learners by providing them tips to distress themselves during a job interview. We shall provide curative classes in case you have missed any and also doubt clearing and private counseling sessions to those who ask for guidance.

Who can Attend?

Anyone, especially students, freshers and professionals who are looking for jobs or want to shift jobs respectively. All those who think that they can increase their ability to cracking an interview may join the course if they believe what they have read above is necessary for them. The third year, fourth-year Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students, recent graduates.

Why choose us?

  • The First thing about a job interview is the anxiety issues, everyone who walks into an interview battle their inner confidence. Here in our workshop, we teach you ways of easing yourself before an interview.
  • Personalized support with your coach throughout the program.
  • Opportunities for self-development and building your self-confidence.
  • Various learning styles to encourage your thinking and explore new perspectives.
  • Several insights from our faculty and your peers.
  • We teach you how to hold your level in the face of multiple interviewers so that you have an edge over other contenders. 
  • At the same time, we also believe that what is on paper should be best highlighted to your employers. Hence we provide assistance in Resume writing.
  • We provide personalized courses with trained experts and free materials in both digital and hardcopy.



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