Few Tips on “How to Prepare for an Interview” for Freshers

Few Tips on “How to Prepare for an Interview” for Freshers

The day has come- You found an excellent job, appealed, and got a call. Congrats! Your work has just begun.  People feel the strain as they hear the word INTERVIEW.

Most of the candidates focus only on a certain question to be answered in an interview. Candidates should understand that the Interview is the test of not only knowledge but also conduct and character too. It does not matter where you went to study. It is necessary to do the Interview successfully. It is important to approach communications in the correct way and with the right attitude, as that is the key to success.

Even the brightest and most adequate job seekers need to prepare themselves for an interview. Why do you ask? Interview skills are learned, and there are no other chances to make a great impression. These few tips for freshers will teach you how to prepare for an interview.

If you’re nervous about facing an interview, then you should try to look at it as an opportunity to improve your life.

Research/ Know the Company –

Before attending any interview, make sure you know well about the company. This is what any recruiter expects from you. Research about the organization you are applying for, know their goals, vision, mission, and values go through their history and present position. It will help you to understand and this information in your answers will create a perfect impression besides it will make you more confident.

Arrive Early –

In today’s hurry world, no one wastes their valuable time waiting for someone. So arrive Ten-minute early. So that you can relax. It will also represent your punctuality.

The Introduction –

In the Introduction part “Tell me about yourself” is a favorite and most common question of every hiring manager. So be confident in your approach.


A resume is the foremost intangible medium to get a job. Prepare your resume according to the work profile, highlight your strength.

Practice! Practice! Practice –

Practice makes you perfect. So before going to interview practice the interview, way of your speaking, practice a few common questions which often ask in an interview. Enhance your communication skill. If you are good at speaking, half of your job is done.

Dress Professionally –

Always dress professionally, as your dressing sense is the reflection of your personality. It defines the community you belong to, so dress like you are a part of them.  Put on your best clothes, avoid wearing colorful clothes and look neat when going for an interview for the first time.

Switch Off your Phone –

The disturbance is not pleasant in any form and the Interview is more important than your call or a message, so turn off your phone before beginning in an interview.

 Act Confident Without Hesitation –

This can be a task if consider it’s your first time you are sitting for an interview but you have to remove this lie. You have to act confident and make the recruiter feel that you are a perfect fit for the job. Only confidence can get you there without much trouble.

Never Lie In Your Resume –

Lying can backfire, a person sitting in front of you has a lot of experience of interviews and they can easily know when you are pretending it. So keep it real and only write in your resume, what you have really achieved.

Have Your Questions Ready –

Be attentive and mark what’s going around you. Once the hiring manager is done asking you the questions, it is going to be your turn. Ask if you have any questions about the organization and the position they are offering you. Just make sure don’t come across as offensive or indecent.

Be Eager To Learn –

It’s okay not to know everything! If you get doubtful on any questions and don’t understand what to say, politely let the interviewer know. But also make a point to ask what the answer was once they are done with the questions. This shows your enthusiasm to learn, which is often considered valuable from a hire point of view.

Show Passion –

Give an answer to all the questions with such a great feel so that hirer can sense your enthusiasm for the work in your voice only.

Keep Eye Contact –

It is essential to keep eye contact with the interviewer because it shows your self-confidence and your honesty.

Be Yourself –

People like straightforward or simple things more than counterfeit. Be yourself in front of the interviewer. Don’t try to fake.

Deep Breathe –

More than anything else, it’s the stress that ruins most of the interviews. Just before entering the place, take a few long breaths and relax your nerves.

Thank You, Mail –

Whether you are hired or not, make sure you send the interviewer a thank you mail after the discussion telling them how glad you are to get this opportunity.


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