Avoid these 5 Common Resume Mistakes – Basic Guide

Irrelevant experience

Irrelevant experience in a broader perspective I mean, if you are applying for particular job and job demands specific skills so don’t put or highlight which company lacks any interest, it will unnecessarily make your resume lengthy, and at times it can deflect from the objective so instead highlight and describe the skills which match to the required job. By doing this, your resume would be straight pertinent. Never lie on skills as it will put you in a huge debacle. Only be honest that would be a great thing to do.

Spelling and grammar mistake

Never commits grammatical errors or spelling mistake in a resume. Always review it by yourself or review by an expert person or review by a friend who has excellent command in a language before sending it. Avoid such error because it might reflect the recruiter that you might lack in language.

Sloppy formatting and fonts

You need your resume to stand out, so it may lead you to use fonts. So maybe to make your resume creative, you may use many font sizes and colors, but that creativity tends to look inept. Avoid too many font types and drive clear of font size that is too big or small.
Big fonts make you view like you are SHOUTING (and might also intimate that you don’t have enough good or fresh content to fill a resume with normal-size texts). Small fonts may help you to keep your resume of one page but don’t use a too-small font. Try to use a standard one.

Avoid long title

Try to make resume subtle and elegant. As in this busy world, nobody has time to look every resume in detail. If the person gets time to choose the resume from the pool of resumes, then the only thing the person will do look for simple, elegant, attractive title and pages of resume. Despite how brave you are the single thing stand is a resume, and it can open the gates for the further process.

Being too vague

You do not want to leave the hiring manager confused about what you could bring to the table in a particular company. If you are also unsure about your responsibilities, then it would seem like you did less than you indeed did, or do not have the proper experience for the job. Instead of saying that you “worked with children in a daycare,” you should say something more specific such as ” organized daily activities for preschool-age children.

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