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What is training and development?

Training and Development is one of the foremost functions of the HR management department.

Training refers to a well-organized setup where representatives are instructed and explained matters of professional knowledge related to their job. It prepares employees on – how to do specific tasks, or how to use particular machines.

Development refers to the educational growth and ability of people in an administrative position. The process of Development is about insights, leadership, attitudes, adaptability, and human relations.

Importance of Training and development

Less supervision – A well-trained employee will be well familiarized with the job and will require less guidance.

Fewer mistakes- Errors are likely to happen if the employees lack the skills and knowledge required for doing a certain job. The trained employee – the chances of errors are less, and the employee becomes more skillful.

Chances of promotion – Employees procure skills and capability during training. They become more suitable for promotion. They become an asset to the company.

Boost productivity- Training improves and increases the effectiveness and productivity of employees. Trained employees show both capacity and quality performance. There is less wastage of money, time and resources if employees are trained properly.

Improved performance – the employee, who receives the required training, is more able to perform in their job. The training will give the employee a comprehensive understanding of their duties within their role, and in turn, build their self-confidence. This will improve their overall performance, and this can benefit the company as well.

Improved employee morale and satisfaction – the investment in learning and development programs an organization makes, Shows employees that they are admired.   They feel appreciated and tested through training opportunities may feel more content toward their jobs.

Marking weaknesses – Most representatives will have some weaknesses in their job skills. A coaching program enables you to strengthen those skills. A development program takes all employees to a higher level, so they all have similar skills & knowledge. This will also help in overcoming weak ties within the company who rely massively on others to complete a basic task.

 Implementing the essential training creates an overall competent staff.

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Methods of Training

Training is generally presented in 2 ways:

On the job training:

On the job, training techniques are given to the employees within the regular working day. It is an easy and cost-effective training method.  Both not so suitable and semi-skilled employees can be well trained by using such training. The employees are trained in an actual working situation. “Learning by doing” is the motto of such training. Occurrences of such on-job training methods are coaching, temporary promotions, job-rotation, etc.

Off the job training:

In off the job training method, it is provided away from the actual working place. It is usually used in the case of new employees. Occurrences of off the job training methods are seminars, conferences, workshops, etc. Such a process is costly and but useful only if a large number of employees have to be trained within a short period. It is also known as vestibule training, where employees are trained in a separate space where the actual working scenarios are duplicated.

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