• Our vision is to provide to provide excellent recruitment services to both our clients & candidates.
    • To offer a Quality staff within the time frame.
    • We aim to provide an efficient recruitment service at a cost-effective rate. Our targets are always placed to surpass client expectations.
    • To partner with our clients towards their goals by contributing the suitable talent for their human resources needs.
    • We aim to develop quality long term relationships with the applicant and clients. To accomplish this,
    • We deliver with transparency and effectiveness at a higher standard of service. We ensure that we become the preferred Recruitment associate for all our employees, clients and candidates.
  • Our core values are honesty and trust, the encouragement of reformation, collaboration and the ongoing personal development of everyone at the firm.
  • Professionalism runs deep into the veins of each People Venture employee.
  • Our clients rely on us to deliver on our commitments.
  • Team of People Venture is dedicated to achieving goals.
  • Encourage open environment, value contributions by individuals at all levels and treat everyone equally.
  • We are an ethical firm and honest, growing trust by doing what we commit.
    • Our mission is to exceed our clients.
    • To be the most trusted & preferred Recruitment firm for HR Services, giving our clients a one-stop solution for all their Human Resource Needs.
    • We at People Venture continually try to bring in new service & technologies offerings to the HR Domain to be able to provide the best experience for its clients and to ensure high levels of satisfaction, effectiveness as well as productivity.
    • We endeavour to develop quality long term relationships with candidate and clients. To achieve this, we perform with efficiency and transparency.
    • To achieve the highest standards in the HR Industry.

Leadership Desk -

Sunil Kapur (Founder of People Venture)

Sunil Kapur is the Founder of the People Venture. He is a dynamic expert in his field. His key skills are Talent management, Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, Performance Management System, Learning and Development, Competency mapping, HR Policy formation and process design, and setting up HR Department (SMEs / Mid to large size). Sunil Kapur has commenced on what he says is the most exciting aspect of his journey, that of setting up his company People Venture, now regarded amongst the top recruitment firm and best training & development company in India.

He started his experience journey around 1995.  After many years of experience in IT, Hospitality, Manufacturing industry, he took the opportunity to work with the BFSI Industry where he used to work with the management team, and help them in achieving their goals. During this period, he had faced many challenges with the set-up of the policy process and many other things, but he worked hard and delivered the best results.

Besides, he worked with the management team and helped them in aligning the vision of the organization, planning strategy for achieving goals & handling HR department. While this period, he got hands-on experience and rich exposure to handling HR department & management team of all the above industries. While working with other companies he had desired to help other industries on a much larger scale, So he founded People Venture.