5 Essentials Points to be mentioned while Writing a Resume

Present your resume such that can talk for you in your absence. At People Venture e believe in making a smart resume writing is the trickiest job because it needs skills which can crystal clear a person qualities into the paper and also adding subtle features in to enhance the resume. As I would suggest all the time, you attend an interview, make sure that you update your resume till date as per the job requirement. If I explain you in a simple way that would be how you can present yourself by amalgamating the skills you own into the resume.

A loaded front end

It’s an exact point, and everybody might know this fact that we only read when the content attracts us for an example If I want to read something I would choose by the title. If the title is booming, then it forces me to open the book. Thus by doing so, I will start reading the first page. So as you have noticed something that if heading and content of your resume are eye-catchy, then nothing can stop the placement agency or anybody from putting a glance on your resume.


In this busy world, the hiring authorities or recruitment consultancy may not have much time to review each resume from the stacks of resumes. So always make your resume simple and highlighting one. If you possess specific skills which the job demands then make sure you highlight it.

Measurable success

Always put past achievements in your resume that you have gained in the previous company. This will show that you are determined towards your job. So it doesn’t mean that you won first prize in a singing competition but on the other handjob demands technical aspects, so in this case achievements you mention in not at all relevant to the job. A recruitment consultancy or interviewer will look for achievement in terms of appreciation you have got in your past or current company. Should also mention that contributions made by you to create a difference in a project in a positive manner which makes your biodata count. Make sure you cover this point on your resume.


One should elaborate on the skills required for the job he or she is applying. If a person doesn’t have any certification on certain skills which is needed for a job for using but has learned the task in a past career or understood the procedure and also have great hands-on the skills, then that can also be mentioned. By expressing the view, it will surely strengthen your resume power.


A resume resembles a story of you in a structured way. Placement agency or anyone who looks to your resume should be able to read your resume and be able to see who you are, what you do, what you have done, where and when you did it and how well you did it. Make sure you make your details in descending order. That means start with your present experience that the previous year and hence goes on.

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